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Crow Hunting

Into the Ruins

Into the Ruins

The Bower of Nil

The Bower of Nil

Crow Hunting: Songs of Innocence. An eChapbook

Crow HuntingeChapbook. Preface. Earthrise Press, 2010. 26 pages. ISBN 9780967042152. DRM-free eBook. ePub, Mobi. In Europe and the UK, the VAT is added at checkout. The exchange rate and its transaction fee are handled by your credit card company.

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An eChapbook of nine poems written after the poets Henry Vaughan, Blake, Bryant, Emerson, Basho, Hafez, Attar, Rumi, and Tagore.

From the Preface: ". . . so I sought in words of poetry to intimate to an age of doctrinaire nihilism that God still exists, calls us always, if only we will pray and listen to Her."