Earthrise Press books are available worldwide in hardcover and softcover. Books can be purchased through Earthrise Press, online booksellers, bookstores, and wherever Espresso Book Machines are located. Printed in the USA, UK, Australia, India, etc., worldwide. Printable Book List.
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Brick & Mortar Bookstores in Michigan

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, Source Booksellers, Book Beat,
Mayflower Bookshop, The Wright Museum of African-American History Bookshop

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Europe:  Deutschland: Amazon.de, Bucher.de, eBook.de, Hugendubel.de, Kobo.de, Mayersche, Osiander, Thalia.de, Weltbild Croatia: Superbookshop Denmark: Saxo Estonia, Latvia: Krisostomus  Finland: Bookplus  France: Amazon.fr, Kobo.fr, fnac Italy: Amazon.it, DEA, IBS,  laFeltrinelli, libreriauniversitaria, Webster, Kobo.it Netherlands: Amazon.nl, VanStockum, Kobo.nl, Webshop.blz.nl, Bol Norway: Bokus, Studia  Poland: krainaksiazek  Romania: Bizcar  Russia: LookforaBook Spain: Amazon.es, Kobo.es, IberLibro Sweden: Bokia, Adlibris, Bokrecension 

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Library Orders
through Ingram Book Company,
or email Earthrise Press.
No library discount. Shipping added to the bill.

Bookstore Orders

Small orders of 1-20 copies: 40% discount. Purchaser pays the shipping, added to the bill. Net 30 days. No returns.

Large orders of 20 to 50 books or more may require up to a 30 to 60 day delivery date for printing with McNaughton & Gunn, Thompson-Shore, and other major printers. 40% discount. Purchaser pays the shipping, added to the bill. Some titles are in suffcient stock for immediate shipment (inquire below). Large orders require 50% prepaid after a pro forma invoice. Net 30 days. No returns.

Earthrise Press reserves the right to change at any time,
without notification, these terms and conditions.

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