The Parliament of Poets

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Into the Ruins

Into the Ruins

The Bower of Nil

The Bower of Nil

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From the moon, together, we can see it,
a new global, universal vision of life.

Gazing from the moon, we see one Earth, without borders, Mother Earth, her embrace encircling one people, humankind.

In a Fractured, Divisive World, the Poets of All the Nations Guide the Way Toward Peace.

The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem

"A great epic poem of startling originality and universal significance, in every way partaking of the nature of world literature." —Hans Ruprecht, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, author on Goethe, Borges, etc.

"A remarkable poem by a uniquely inspired poet, taking us out of time into a new and unspoken consciousness..." —Kevin McGrath, Lowell House, South Asian Studies, Harvard University, author on the Mahabharata

"Mr. Glaysher has written an epic poem of major importance." —ML Liebler, Poet, Department of English, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

"And a fine major work it is." Arthur McMaster, Department of English, Converse College, South Carolina, in Poets' Quarterly

"A profound spiritual message for humanity." —Alan Jacobs, Poet Writer Author, London, UK

"Don't be intimidated by an epic poem. It's really coming back to that image of the storyteller sitting around the campfires of the world, dipping into and weaving the story of humanity, in the most beautiful, mellifluous language." —New Consciousness Review radio, Portland, Oregon

"I am in awe of the brilliance of this book! Everyone must read this book." —Anodea Judith, Author, Novato, California

Upcoming Events

September 10, 2017. Sunday. 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Kerrytown BookFest. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

September 23, 2017. Saturday. 1:00 PM Troy Public Library, Troy, Michigan. Frederick Glaysher, Reading from The Parliament of Poets...

October 21, 2017. Saturday. 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. East Side Reading Series. Coffee and (_____), 14406 East Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan. (One door east of Chalmers). Reading from The Parliament of Poets...

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Since publication in late 2012 more than twenty epic poetry readings, at the University of Michigan (Rackham Amphitheatre), Wayne State University, Saginaw Valley State University, the Detroit Public Library, Troy Public Library, Hannan Café, Austin International Poetry Festival, Albany Word Fest, Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, Paint Creek Unitarian Universalist, Birmingham Unitarian Church, Barnes & Noble, BookWoman, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, Espresso Royale, Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, Himalayan (Berkeley, CA), Tuesdays at North Beach Branch Library (SF), Cafe International (SF), Florey’s Books (Pacifica, CA), East Side Reading Series (scheduled), and elsewhere.